We love Lake Superior, and we’re committed to making sure that future generations get to enjoy it as much as we do. We’ve undertaken a series of projects to do just that. We gratefully acknowledge the support of several agencies to help us along the way, primarily:  Lakehead University, Ontario Ministry of Environment, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Starting in 1987, we identified 4 major Areas of Concern (AOC) on Lake Superior and drew up Remedial Action Plans (RAP) to address their environmental issues. For the last two decades, we’ve devoted ourselves to improving environmental status of the AOCs. It is our hope to have them all recovered – we’re proud to say that Jackfish Bay is now delisted as an AOC, and Nipigon Bay is to follow shortly.

As RAP progressed, we decided it wasn’t enough to stop at Superior’s shores. It’s equally urgent to ensure that lakes, rivers, and streams connected to Lake Superior are healthy as well. Moving forward, these watersheds are the focus of exciting research which unfolds as you view this page.

Take a look at what we’ve got on the go:





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