Lake Superior Weather

Canadian Lake Superior Marine Forecast

Click the  Lake Superior map zone for Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) marine forecast for that area. Depending on conditions, the Canadian side of Lake Superior may appear on the map as a single zone or two zones. These two zones represent the different weather conditions on western and eastern Lake Superior

U.S. Lake Superior Marine Forecast

Click one of the map zones for a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecast for that area.

Text a Buoy

Provides Lake Superior weather conditions at a range of specific locations across the lake.Text a buoy. 1. Enter the phone number 734-418-7299. 2. Enter the identification number associated with a specific buoy into your text. 3. Press send. 4. You’ll receive a text in seconds providing conditions at the specified buoy…wind speed, wave height, barometric pressure, etc.

U.S. Lake Superior Nearshore Marine Forecast

Click one of the map zones for a NOAA forecast for that area.

Lake Superior Wind Speeds

Click a station for a wide range of information about wind, waves and water from the Great Lakes Observing System. Change paramaters using the tabs top right. For example clicking the “Winds” tab activates a graphic system showing wind direction and other wind data.

Lake Superior Weather Buoys

Click a station to view real-time weather data as well as a forecast from NOAA.

Lake Nipigon Weather

Textual weather forecast for Lake Nipigon from ECCC.


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