Nuclear Power

Decommissioning Nuclear Power in the Great Lakes

Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Lake County, Ohio next to Lake Erie. Photo: First Energy Corp. Flikr

In a two-year project titled Decommissioning Practices of Nuclear Power Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin, the Great Lakes Water Quality Board (GLWQB) will assess the potential environmental impacts associated with decommissioning all remaining nuclear plants in the Great Lakes basin. By 2020, the GLWQB aims to complete all three phases of this effort: an informational report, a consultant’s report and outcomes of an expert workshop. These three components will be used to develop actionable recommendations and advice for Canadian and U.S. governments that will reduce the risk of releasing radioactive material into the Great Lakes during decommissioning.

In a news release on October 16, 2019, the GLWQB announced that the International Joint Commission had approved the publication of the GLWQB’s informational background report, the first phase in their assessment of the potential environmental impacts of decommissioning nuclear power facilities in the Great Lakes basin. The background report describes the current status of nuclear plants in the basin, radioactive waste storage techniques and applicable regulatory regimes.

You can view the Water Quality Board’s informational report on nuclear power in the Great Lakes here: Nuclear Power Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin: Compendium of information related to the current status and decommissioning of Great Lakes nuclear power facilities to support the development of a Great Lakes Water Quality Board report

An accompanying GIS story Map is available here: Nuclear Power Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin

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