Breaking Barriers – Mike Shoreman on record to become the first person with a disability to cross all 5 of the Great Lakes

Mike Shoreman also known as “the unbalanced paddleboarder” is on his way to rewriting the history books and changing the narrative for people with disabilities by becoming the first person with a disability to cross ALL FIVE of the Great Lakes. Mike Shoreman is a Canadian from Toronto, ON who in 2018 was diagnosed with […]

International Panel on Climate Change Report – What it Means for Lake Superior

Earlier this year the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report called AR6 Climate Change 2021 – The Physical Science Basis. The report goes through various changes that have happened, are happening, and are projected to happen to the climate and environment based on a variety of warming scenarios. The report shows that […]

Wildfires and their lesser-known impact on water

This summer, Northwestern Ontario experienced a large number of forest fires. The skies were cloudless, and the air reeked of a campfire for days on end. With climate-changing altering precipitation patterns, it’s projected that what we experienced this summer is only the beginning. Most of the talk around wildfire impacts is around air quality. Throughout […]

Cycling 4 Water – Cycling across Canada to raise money for disease-free water in African villages

When I was driving back from a short trip to Kenora, I saw an RV with the words, “cycling4water” written across an RV. As someone who loves to cycle and is in the Water Resource Science program water at Lakehead University, I was immediately intrigued. I did a quick google search and came across their […]

Paige’s Pick – A Paddler’s Guide to the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

After attending one of Such a Nice Adventure’s level 1 Lake Superior starter course, I quickly became interested in learning more about paddling adventures on the lake. The instructor Zack Kruzins, has co-published with Darrell Makin, a guide about kayaking the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (LSNMCA). I found a copy at Wilderness Supply […]

Thunder Bay Beaches – Not Impaired (proposed redesignation)

A recent assessment of beaches for the Thunder Bay Area of Concern (AOC) confirms that the Beach Closings beneficial use impairment (BUI) is no longer impaired for the AOC. Thunder Bay AOC beaches, which include Chippewa Park – Main Beach, Chippewa Park – Sandy Beach, and Boulevard Lake – Main Beach, were considered impaired since […]

Benefits to Delisting AOCs that go beyond the environment

In 1987 the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement identified 43 Areas of Concern (AOCs) around the Great Lakes with 26 in the United States, 12 in Canada, and 5 binational areas shared between the two countries. AOCs are places where the environmental integrity of an area has been severely degraded in physical, chemical, or biological […]

Lake Nipigon Research Expedition

In the fall of 2020, Tim Hollinger, a Masters’s student in Lakehead’s geography department, went out on Lake Nipigon which you can read about here. The previous trip was restricted due to COVID-19 public health guidelines. This year, in June 2021, Tim along with Nathan and Dr. Stewart went out again for another round of […]

Such A Nice Day Adventures – A different way to explore Lake Superior

Zack is the founder of Such A Nice Day Adventures which operates in the Thunder Bay area extending east to the United States Border and West to the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. Zack is a born adventurer who fell in love with paddling sports from a young age thanks to many family canoe […]

Paige’s Pick – How to Change Everything by Naomi Klein

How to Change Everything: the young human’s guide to protecting the planet and each other, it’s written by Naomi Klein with Rebecca Stefoff. The book is written for a younger audience but is a fast and easy read with principles and stories that resonate with any age. With the record high temperatures coupled with droughts, […]