Paige’s Pick – A Paddler’s Guide to the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

After attending one of Such a Nice Adventure’s level 1 Lake Superior starter course, I quickly became interested in learning more about paddling adventures on the lake. The instructor Zack Kruzins, has co-published with Darrell Makin, a guide about kayaking the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (LSNMCA). I found a copy at Wilderness Supply and dove right in.

The Paddler’s guide is more than just a paddling guide. The book begins with some geological, ecological, and human history of the LSNMCA region. Throughout the book the “leave no trace” way of traveling is echoed as well as the importance of being a steward of the lake. There are many sensitive ecosystems and untouched areas throughout the LSNMCA and it is important to keep them that way.

A paddling guide wouldn’t be complete without tips about camping and navigation especially when considering the large personality that is Lake Superior. The lake can change from calm to wavy in a matter of minutes and it is paramount to plan for the worst.

With regards to areas to paddle, the book is split geographically, with different bays, islands, or provincial parks having designated sections. Each section is not only trickled with interesting spots and campsites but stories and narratives about different events or spots are included.

The book is a great read for those wanting to tackle their next adventure, but it is also good for those wanting to learn more about the area. Zack and Darrell write in a concise and engaging way that draws the reader in. The book invites readers to use the stories and information to create memories of their own while exploring the relatively untouched LSNMCA.

The book includes ideas for trips that range from the entire length of the LSNMCA, to day trips for beginners. There is something for everyone. I know I can’t wait to check out more of the LSNMCA in the upcoming years.

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