Paige’s Pick – How to Change Everything by Naomi Klein
Posted on: August 3, 2021

How to Change Everything: the young human’s guide to protecting the planet and each other, it’s written by Naomi Klein with Rebecca Stefoff. The book is written for a younger audience but is a fast and easy read with principles and stories that resonate with any age. With the record high temperatures coupled with droughts, wildfires, and other events that have been increasing in recent years, the reality is that climate change is not something of the future, but something of the present.

Highlighted throughout this book are the stories of young people taking action to raise awareness, make a change, and be a voice for the Earth. There are steps and ideas on how to get involved in climate activism work that are applicable to everyone.

This book highlights the stories of kids around the world that are taking their future into their own hands. Greta Thunberg is a notable example, but there are stories about kids from all over the world taking action in their community. One story features an Anishinaabe from Manitoulin Island named Autumn Peltier who is known as the “Water Walker”. She is the Anishinabek Nation chief water commissioner and has spoken in front of the UN about the ongoing water crisis that many Indigenous communities across Canada continue to face. She’s echoed the need to protect the environment because people can’t survive off oil and money. She’s an inspiring young woman who gives a voice to water and continues to fi

The book was written during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic which uses the pandemic as an example of the types of changes that can happen when people come together. The world abruptly changed to adapt to quickly spreading coronavirus. It gives hope that big changes can be made to tackle the climate crisis. The up-and-coming generation is putting the environment at the forefront and in a few years will make up a large portion of the voting population.

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