Explore Ontario Parks for free all summer long
Posted on: June 20, 2021
The Sea Lion at Sleeping Giant

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant many more stay-cations and exploring local areas. This summer, Ontario Parks is offering free weekday passes from Monday to Thursday at 115 provincial parks beginning June 7th, 2021. The free weekday passes increase accessibility to the parks as well as limits the amount of human contact at park offices.

For those looking to venture out to the parks on the weekend, users are encouraged to book their pass 5-days in advance if they plan to venture 17 of the provincial parks on the pilot program which include northern favourites such as Batchewana Bay, Kakabeka falls and Lake Superior. Booking ahead of time ensures you have a spot and reduces wasted time and fuel by arriving at the park when no spots are available despite an early arrival.

Neys (Source)

Some of the parks along the shore of Lake Superior are: Batchewana, Pancake Bay, Lake Superior, Neys, Rainbow Falls, Sleeping Giant, Pigeon River. While parks close to Thunder Bay are Kakabeka Falls, Ouimet Canyon, Silver Falls.

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario: Photos & Trip Report | Lake  superior, Ontario parks, Best campgrounds
Lake Superior Provincial Park (Source)

When visiting the parks, it is important to always leave no trace. Leaving no trace means that everything you bring to the park leaves with you or is disposed of in a proper, responsible manner. Leaving no trace also means leaving what you find. Any rocks, plants, wildlife, or other natural features should be left alone, the only exception to “leave what you find” is picking up garbage and litter. It also important to stay on designated trails and not venture off paths. Lake Superior is an amazing place and cultivating a connection with it is a great way to protect for future generations to appreciate.

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