A Green and Just Recovery – Engaging Youth in Politics
Posted on: November 8, 2020

This year has been anything, but normal. There have been a lot of issues that have grown loud voices through the pandemic, from accessible healthcare, to racial justice issues, to the ongoing environmental concerns such as wildfires, polluted waters, hurricanes, and the all the other events that continue to threaten ecosystems and human life. The political heat is rising south of the border, but on November 12th there will be a youth townhall in Thunder Bay.

Screenshot of the virtual town hall from June 2020

Future Majority is a non-partisan organization, non-profit organization that was founded by young Canadians to amplify the concerns of young Canadians so that every candidate, politician and party are advocates for youth priorities. This organization focuses on getting youth, the largest voting bloc, involved in politics.

This fall, the Canadian government is deciding its COVID-19 recovery plan. This is an unique opportunity to rebuild Canada for a greener, more prosperous and equitable future for all. By engaging the largest voting bloc, the youth, which stand for many green and just policies, and with a minority government, there could be another federal election. They need the support of young people so we are hosting youth-led town halls so that they will listen. Future Majority is running a campaign that advocates for a Green + Just recovery post-pandemic.

A green and just recovery means tackling the climate crisis while protecting jobs, protecting our green spaces, making mental healthcare more accessible, making post-secondary education more accessible, and fighting for racial equity. A green and just recovery is about creating a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future.

InfoSuperior stands to reduce and eliminate environmental threats to Lake Superior so that it can be appreciated for generations to come. Our mission statement aligns with the principles under the Green + Just recovery. Future Majority has the following principles for a “Green” recovery

  • Transitioning to a low-carbon economy
  • Protection and restoration of land, freshwater, and ocean ecosystems along with the wildlife that call these places home
  • The end to of single-use plastics and the growth of a circular economy
  • The replacement of toxic chemicals used in agricultural, consumer goods and manufacturing with safer alternatives
  • the development of accessible, affordable and healthy communities and transportation networks
  • a future that prioritizes social and racial justice, economic equity and well-being, built in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and the communities most exposed to environmental harm

Outside of green principles the campaign also supports

  •  some form of a national universal mental health care program
  • that post-secondary education remains accessible, affordable while still being high quality

Infosuperior is proud to be a community partner for the upcoming campaign, A Green + Just Recovery. On November 12th from 5-6pm, a digital town hall via zoom will be happening. Minister of health, Patty Hajdu will be there to listen to the voices of young people in Thunder Bay.

Sign up for the virtual town hall

November 12th from 5pm to 6pm.

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