Paige’s Pick – A Life Without Limits – A world champion’s journey
Posted on: October 10, 2020
A Life Without Limits – A World Champion’s Journey

Hello and welcome. My name is Paige and I am undergraduate student working for InfoSuperior. Every month I will be doing a “Paige’s Pick” where I share a book I’ve read that has impacted me.

This month the book I’m sharing is “A Life Without Limits – A World Champions Journey” by Chrissie Wellington. Although this book may not sound topical at first, there are some underlying messages that really resonated with me.

I am a varsity runner for Lakehead University and I’m in my fourth year of Water Resource Science. Although running is my main sport, I am also an aspiring triathlete. This book inspires me to be a better athlete and to protect the sport I have grown to love.

Photo of Paige winning the Xterra Triathlon at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Triathlon is a sport that incorporates swimming, biking, and running. But fewer and fewer triathlons are happening because of issues with water quality. There is a section in the book that talks about the water quality of the swim leg in Bangkok Thailand. It says “The day before, I looked down into the water. The toxicity of it, the sh*t, the dead animals, a huge chemical factory on the other bank – these were the first things that struck me.”

Those water conditions are not unique to Thailand. I grew up in Toronto and was surrounded by bodies of water that were not swimmable. Coming to Thunder Bay I was amazed that I could swim in the river that runs through centennial park. Although there are still areas of concern and areas with subpar water quality, the surrounding Thunder Bay area has many great swimming spots.

Being a water resource science student and an aspiring triathlete, I immediately found interest in the connection between triathlons and water quality. My conversations with Madison and Chris this month highlighted the importance of finding a passion that personally connects you to water.

Maybe you’ve heard of triathlon, maybe you haven’t, but this book is an excellent read for those who love adventure, nature, and hard work. Chrissie is a hard-worker that is passionate about everything she does. I hope to move forward with her same energy and charisma to tackle both sport and environmental activism.This book is a moving memoir of one of the best triathletes in the world. It inspires me to improve my skills and protect the sport for future generations by protecting our waters.

Protecting and cleaning up our bodies of water is critical for ecosystem services, but our waters also play a huge role in our recreational activities. Whether it be surfing, sailing, kayaking, or triathlon, water is an important asset. Water is an entity that needs to be advocated for. Although it lacks a literal voice, those of us who have a deep connection to water can be the voice to protect it.

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