Reduced Recreation Use for Boulevard Lake this Summer
Posted on: February 25, 2020
The dam at Boulevard Lake, Thunder Bay.

Boulevard Lake is a hub for activity in Thunder Bay. People cycle, swim, run, walk their dogs, roller ski, etc. But this year there is going to be reduced recreational activity at Boulevard Lake. The dam at Boulevard Lake is going to be under construction for two years commencing in 2020. The concrete on the dam is deteriorating and needs to be replaced to safely accommodate floodwaters. The construction will affect the use of the area. Water levels in the lake will be lower and reduce access for kayakers, stand up paddle boarders, and other boaters. The beach at Boulevard will also be closed during this time and swimming will not be allowed. The bridge over the dam will also be closed and users such as cyclists, runners, roller skiers, walkers, etc. will not be able to complete a pass of boulevard lake unless they venture down to Cumberland street.

The construction project is going to address the walkway and make some improvements. There are plans to widen the path to the standard trail width as well as install path lighting and aesthetic lighting to the dam.

Only the dam and the lake itself will have restricted use. The path can still be used. Users can do half loops, or a complete the full loop by going on Cumberland Street. The grass areas are still available for picnics and recreational use. The reduced activity this year, will allow for better recreation for years to come.

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