New Great Lakes Water Life Database
Posted on: October 7, 2019
Screen capture of the home page of the new Great Lakes Water Life Database. Click the image to visit the site. (Source: Great Lakes Water Life database)

Environmental researchers and managers are invited to check out The Great Lakes Water Life (GLWL) database: an inventory of fauna that spend all or most of their life cycle in the waters of the Great Lakes and connecting tributaries. The database was developed by NOAA-GLERL in partnership with the U.S. EPA and the Great Lakes Sea Grant Network with funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

New database replaces old gallery

The GLWL database replaces the Great Lakes Water Life Gallery (GLWLG), which was home to a photo gallery and regional taxonomic lists and keys, along with links to local resources. These same lists and keys are present but the new database is a more comprehensive inventory of aquatic animals.

Visit the following link to learn how to provide feedback and contribute to the continuous development of the database:

All information was collected from the Great Lakes Water Life database:

NOAA and USEPA. 2019 Great Lakes Waterlife. Accessed on 09/25/2019.

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