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Posted on: June 3, 2019
The Terry Wurdeman cover photo for Infosuperior’s August 1, 2018 edition. Terry took the picture of this Semipalmated Sandpiper on wet beach gravel, Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior.

Connecting to Lake Superior Through Images

Infosuperior fosters interest, knowledge and respect for Lake Superior, building broader public support for restoration and protection. 

Great photographs of Lake Superior connect people with the lake. For this reason, the incredible cover photos that Infosuperior has run have helped us meet our mission to foster interest, knowledge and respect for Lake Superior. Many photographers have voluntarily donated some of their best shots because they share this mission with us.

Over the years, Infosuperior has accessed photographic talent from every state and province around Lake Superior. We are grateful to every person who has contributed to our publication, including the following artists:

There is an incredible pool of talented individuals with an insatiable passion to photograph Lake Superior. Whether in Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan, these photographers have a profound “sense of place” and connection to Lake Superior. 

The Mathew Pastick cover photo for Infosuperior’s June 1st, 2018 edition. Matt took this photo at 4:35 a.m. on May 27th, 2018 near Split Rock Lighthouse during a storm rapidly moving out onto Lake Superior.

Infosuperior Seeks Excellent Cover Photos

Infosuperior is always seeking excellent cover photos. We depend on subscribers from around the lake to supply these photos. We obviously cannot use every photo submitted but if you have a photo which might make a great cover shot, we are interested. Get in touch through

Infosuperior has just one over-arching theme or guideline…only Lake Superior. Photos should reflect this, but the lake provides an almost limitless palette.

The Joan Berezowski cover photo for Infosuperior’s December 1, 2017 edition. Joan took this photo of the icebreaker “Alexander Henry”, on November 23, 2017, in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Infosuperior is especially interested in photos which reflect Lake Superior conditions around each monthly publication date (a recent storm, melting shoreline ice, first snow, etc). We publish through all seasons of the year and our cover photos reflect this (i.e. summer photos for summer newsletter editions, etc.). Submitted photos should be medium to high resolution.

Get in touch if you have a great photo you’d like to share with a very broad audience. The best time to submit is a few days in advance of publication date on the first of each month. Here are a few suggestions for photo themes:

  • Lake Superior scenery
  • Lake Superior storms
  • Lake Superior in other moods 
  • fog and the incredible affect it can have on photos of Lake Superior and surroundings
  • Lake Superior science including habitat restoration projects, fish/animal population surveys, education activities
  • Lake Superior activities like sailing, kayaking, camping, fishing, iceboating, surfing
  • fish, birds and animals on, in or around Lake Superior
  • commercial activities related to Lake Superior like fishing and lake shipping.

Jan Swart took this photo of Duluth, Minnesota’s Brighton Beach on January 13th, 2018, just in time for Infosuperior’s January 15, 2018 edition.

Lake Superior is Incredible – You Want More People to Know it

Infosuperior is associated with the Departement of Geography and the Environment at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The newsletter has approximately 1600 direct subscribers around Lake Superior, in Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and beyond. Many thousand more access Infosuperior through social media. Infosuperior does not pay for photos, so there is only one reason to submit a photo: like us, you believe Lake Superior is incredible and you’d like more people to know about it. Infosuperior makes no money from either the newsletter or submitted photos. We provide photo credit for all photos utilized.

Heartfelt thanks from Infosuperior and all of its readers to photographers from around the lake who have donated their time, expertise and passion to bring thousands of people closer to Lake Superior each month. Thanks in advance to all who submit photos, anytime, year round.

The Terry Wurdeman cover photo for Infosuperior’s April 30th, 2017 edition. Terry took this photo at Sawpit Bay, between Agawa Bay & Pancake Bay, Ontario, Lake Superior.


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