Student and Artist Opportunities with Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior
Posted on: March 4, 2019
Porphry Island Lighthouse. (Photo: J. Bailey/

Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior is a nonprofit charity dedicated to preserving and promoting lighthouses and their associated infrastructures, which would have otherwise fallen into disrepair when technology eliminated the necessity for light keepers. This summer, they will once again be offering the assistant light keeper position for students returning to school in the fall and the Artist In Residence program for qualifying artists. Applications are now being accepted for these two opportunities until March 29.

Student Assistant Light Keeper

The chance to work as an assistant light keeper this summer (July and August) is great for students interested in Lake Superior’s lighthouse keeping history. Students will work at three of the lighthouses along the Lighthouse Trail (Porphyry, Trowbridge, and Thunder Bay), but will mainly be stationed at Porphyry Island Lighthouse. This position is also ideal for those who hope to be involved in the tourism industry as many of the duties pertain to promoting the lighthouses and interacting with visitors and guests. For more information Click Here

Basic first aid, CPR and drivers license are considered assets. Apply by March 29th with a cover letter and resume.

Artist in Residence

Artists practicing any form of art are invited to apply for the two month Artist-in-Residence program. Four qualifying artists will get the chance to develop their art in the inspiring setting of Porphyry Island Lighthouse and the surrounding area. Artists can expect to interact with visitors on a regularly. For more information Click Here

Apply by March 29th with a cover letter, images of your work, references and the answers to a questionnaire about your qualifications and how you will engage with visitors.

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