Little Streams Add Up for Michigan Technological University Researchers
Posted on: January 14, 2019
Kama Creek
Kama Creek, pictured above, is one of the smaller tributaries entering Lake Superior. (Photo: J. Bailey/

Researchers at Michigan Technological University have discovered that the number of small tributaries entering Lake Superior is probably much greater than anyone has previously estimated, and their contributions to the lake ecology and biochemistry is mostly unknown.

Full Technical Paper: Of Small Streams and Great Lakes: Integrating Tributaries to Understand the Ecology and Biogeochemistry of Lake Superior

Head researcher Amy Marcarelli has been spreading the word about this research, which was published in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association. Check out the links below to get a peak into what interested researchers about the smaller tributaries and how they are measuring stream impacts on Lake Superior ecology and biochemistry, plus what plans are in store for the future of this research topic.


WTIP North Shore Community Radio: New study focuses on smaller streams near Lake Superior

Great Lakes Echo: Small streams have large impact on big lake

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