Great Lakes Guide: All your Great Lakes Activities on One Site
Posted on: January 14, 2019
This beautiful new website aims to get people out and engaging with the beautiful Great Lakes region. Click the image to visit the home page pictured here.

Engaging and Inspiring

If you live in the Laurentian Great Lakes region, you know that these environments are host to a plethora of potential adventures and activities. Now you can find information for many of these activities and events in one place. The Great Lakes Guide website, created with funding from the Government of Ontario, has the lowdown on what is happening in and around the Great Lakes watershed. The website is also partnered with the Watermark Project, with quotes from peoples’ stories about their connection to these waters scattered throughout the website.

The Home page of the Great Lakes Guide website features beautiful images and a short video to inspire adventure and engagement with the Great Lakes. Scroll down to find the Editor’s Pick of articles for the day, Nearby destinations, Suggestions for things to do and destinations that have been recommended by Great Lakes Guide users.

Become a Great Lakes Guide User

If you would like to become a Great Lakes Guide user, create an account using your email address by clicking on the “login/sign up” link next to the search bar on the top right hand corner of the page. Users can save destinations they have visited, want to visit and recommend visiting. Once logged in, click on your email that appears next to the “logout” link to access your profile, which provides a quick view of how many places you have visited and how many you have added to your wishlist alongside a list of recommended destinations. In the sidebar on the left handside of the page, click on “My Lists” for a more detailed overview of you “Wishlist”, “Places I’ve Visited” and “Places I Recommend”. Return to the home page by clicking on “Home”.

Great Lakes Guide users can save places they have been, recommend or wish to visit by setting up a Great Lakes Guide profile with email. Screenshot from Great Lakes Guide Website.

What Will I Find Here?

A small menu at the top of the home page features the following:

  • What to do: Water and Land sports and activities including everything from camping to kitesurfuing link to dedicated pages with related articles, tips, featured destinations and an associated interactive map showing the location of those destinations.
  • Meet the Greats: Stats, significance, history, information about environmental protection, regional economies, geography and fun facts for the Great Lakes as a whole and dedicated pages for each lake and the St. Lawrence River are available through a dropdown menu.
  • Ideas: Seasonal activity suggestions and accompanying articles.
  • Explore the Map: If you want to find out what is available at a specific location click here for the interactive map. You can Filter for beaches, parks and/or points of interest; or if you know the postal code for your destination, type that in and hit “enter” to zero in on what would be nearby.

This great interactive map allows users to choose destinations visually. Click the image to Explore!

Connect with the Great Lakes Guide

This website is fairly new and looking for feedback to make their site useful for those who visit so be sure to let them know what you think by filling out their survey linked in the banner at the top of the home page. A beautiful modern website with tips and information for Great Lakes adventures is waiting for you! You can follow the Great Lakes Guide on Instagram @greatlakesguide, Twitter @GL_Guide and Facebook @GreatLakesGuide.

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