Environmental Groups Attempting to Block Polymet via Court
Posted on: December 14, 2018
The Polymet Mining Inc. NorthMet mining project will put widely loved and appreciated wetlands and forests at risk of contamination. Environmental groups do not feel that these lands will be properly protected under current legislation. (Credit: Photo by Rob Levine InTheAirPhotography.com)

After finding out that Polymet Mining Inc. acquired all necessary permits to start their NorthMet mining project last month, environmental groups vowed to continue fighting the development of the future copper-nickel mine.

Link: Long-planned Polymet Mine Lands Required DNR Permits

This month Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, Water Legacy, Friends of the Boundary Waters and Center for Biological Diversity banded together to file appeals  through the Minnesota Court of Appeals against the permit approvals given by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

For More Information see the news release: Conservation Groups Appeal PolyMet Permits, State Mining Rules (MCEA and partners, 12/3/2018)