Angelique’s Isle: Inspiration Through Anishinaabe Woman in New Film
Posted on: November 14, 2018

1’o8′ Angelique’s Isle – Teaser Trailer from Thunderstone Pictures on Vimeo.

Portraying the Harsh Reality of Winter Survival on Isle Royale

An awe inspiring true story of one woman’s perseverance against the harsh winter of Northern Lake Superior on Isle Royale has been translated to a feature length film. Angelique’s Isle, adapted by writer Michelle Derosier from the novella Angelique Abandoned by James R. Stevens, was presented by the North of Superior Film Association (NOSFA) for its Thunder Bay premiere at Silver City Theatres on November 8. Infosuperior’s Ruby Reid-Sharp was lucky enough to get a ticket to the second of the two sold-out screenings. The film was produced by Thunderstone Pictures, Circle Blue Entertainment and Freddie Films and was co-directed by Michelle Derosier of Thunder Bay and Marie-Hélène Cousineau of Montreal.

Inspiration Through Angelique’s Strength

In her opening remarks Michelle Derosier expressed her hope that this story would show Anishinaabeg women how much strength they have and that it would leave viewers inspired. The film is based on the true story of newlyweds Angelique and Charlie being trapped on Isle Royale for 10 months through the winter of 1845–1846. The film presents the hardships faced by the couple against a stunning cinematographic background that truly captures the tone of northern Lake Superior in all it’s changing seasons. The film’s producer, Dave Clement, spoke about how films like this one are waiting to be made because the communities of northern Lake Superior have unique stories to tell.

Experience Lake Superior History

If you are interested in history and the spirit of northern Lake Superior, the perspective offered by Angelique’s Isle is one you will want to experience. Those interested in seeing the film should keep an eye out for future screenings and availability; but in the meantime, consider checking out the source material through James R. Stevens novella Angelique Abandoned, available at and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.


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