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Posted on: August 31, 2018
Text A Buoy Map
Text a buoy at any of the above locations and you’ll immediately be texted back with weather and water conditions.

Quick, Easy, Fast

Are you looking for Lake Superior weather conditions at a specific location? Text a buoy. That’s right, text a buoy! You will immediately be texted back with information like:

  • wind speed
  • water temperature
  • air temperature
  • barometric pressure
  • wave height
  • and more…

At time of writing, Infosuperior texted the buoy off the Slate Islands south of Terrace Bay, Ontario. The reply came back immediately with the following conditions:

Wind: 11.7 kts @ NE

Gust: 13.6 kts

Air Temp: 56.5F/13.61C

WaterTemp: 53.4F/11.88C

Waves: 3.0 ft/0.91 m

(Note: 1 knot is equal to 1.852 km/hr or 1.15 mi/hr)

To text any of the following Lake Superior buoys simply

  1. Enter the phone number 734-418-7299.
  2. Enter the identification number associated with a specific buoy into your text.
  3. Press send.
  4. You’ll receive a text in seconds providing conditions at the specified buoy.

The list of Lake Superior Buoys and their corresponding identification numbers:

Mid Superior 45001
East Superior 45004
West Superior 45006
North Entry 45023
South Entry 45025
McQuade Harbor,MN 45027
Duluth 45028
Slate Islands 45136
Grand Marais 45172
Munising 45173
Isle Royale East 45180

The buoys can be accessed on NOAA’s Great Lakes Observing System website, or portal. The buoys are owned by a mix of organizations including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (MOAA), Michigan Technical University in Houghton, University of Minnesota-Duluth, Northern Michigan University in Marquette, and the Coastal Data Information Program.


There is no need to stumble through a jumble of U.S. and Canadian websites to access Lake Superior weather. You can access all the major sites, including NOAA and Environment and Climate Change Canada Lake Superior weather at:




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