Cloud Lake Water Quality Presentations – June 9th
Posted on: June 4, 2018
Cloud Lake Water Quality Presentations
From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on June 9th at the Cloud Lake public access point, presentations will be provided about Cloud Lake water quality.

Go directly to the poster providing details about the June 9th session at Cloud Lake.

In recent years user groups and resource managers have noted declining ecosystem conditions in Cloud Lake. A decline in water quality has been observed as indicated by algal blooms, increased turbidity, and elevated phosphorus concentration. It was noted in the report “Cloudy Conditions: The State of Cloud Lake and the Cloud River Watershed” that part of this decline can be attributed to man-made conditions including septic systems and degraded conditions along the shoreline.

The Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council has received funding from the MOECC to provide a program that will provide homeowners with a voluntary inspection of their septic system to provide information and identify any potential changes that could reduce the impact on Cloud Lake water quality. These inspections will not be shared with anyone other than the homeowner. If a septic system has need of improvement a homeowner will be able to access funding for a portion of the necessary replacement or repair costs. Participation in the program is completely voluntary and it is hoped that we can begin to move forward with a strategy for protecting and improving the water quality in Cloud Lake.

Everyone is welcome to the June 9th session and there is no charge. A light lunch will be provided.

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