Canada Announces $1.5 Billion for Nature Conservation
Posted on: March 2, 2018

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has reacted positively to new Canadian federal conservation funding. The NCC cooperates with other organizations, including the federal government, to carry out conservation efforts. Listen to the above 10′ podcast where the NCC’s Gary Davies outlines the work aimed at preserving natural diversity on and around Lake Superior.

Safeguard 17% of Canadian Land and Inland Waters by 2020

The Government of Canada will provide 1.3 billion over 5 years for environmental conservation. The funding is part of Canadian efforts to safeguard at least 17% of Canadian land and inland waters by 2020. Funding is part of the latest Canadian budget, released this week. Parks, wild spaces, aquatic ecosystems, species at risk and private land conservation all stand to benefit.

Funding includes:

  • $500 million for a fund to protect sensitive ecosystems
  • expansion of species protection
  • assistance for Indigenous peoples’ conservation efforts
  • $167 million over five years for research and preservation of endangered whale species, including belugas in the St. Lawrence River estuary.

The federal government says an additional $500 million will come forward from the private sector and other levels of government as a result of the federal funding.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) says they feel the funding will be a “game changer.” Groups like the Nature Conservancy have been very active on Lake Superior. NCC has purchased several properties, some of them very extensive, all in efforts aimed at conservation of ecological diversity. The group uses a collaborative approach to purchase and conserve lands, often cobbling together funds from private, government and non-profit sources.



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