Coastal Reporting Tool Displays Storm Damage
Posted on: November 14, 2017
Shoreline Damage Reporting Tool
Shoreline damage, Marquette, Michigan, reported using the Coastal Damages Reporting Tool.

Photos Show Coastal Damage

The photos are incredible. Especially those from around Marquette, like the one above taken at Lakeshore Boulevard during the stormy week of October 23rd. There are other photos. Some of them show homes, one on the edge of a steep sand embankment, another with Superior lapping at the shore, just a few feet away. Some are simply textual posts with no photo, relating conditions at specific Lake Superior shoreline locations. While water levels are currently high, several of the posts also note the very low water conditions of the recent past. All posts have one thing in common. They describe Lake Superior coastal conditions and damage. 

Proceed Directly to the Coastal Reporting Tool.

Coastal Damages Reporting Tool
Click the map above to proceed to the Coastal Damages Reporting Tool.

Reporting Damage and Raising Awareness

The photos and posts described above are part of the Superior Watershed Partnership’s Great Lakes Coastal Reporting Tool. Due to recent storm events, the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) is reminding shoreline landowners, units of local government dealing with shoreline issues and the general public that they can report coastal erosion and property damage using the SWP Great Lakes Coastal Reporting Tool.

With current high lake levels and recent record waves (28.8 feet measured near Marquette), there has been a dramatic increase in both urban and rural coastal impacts. The Coastal Reporting Tool is easy to use: simply zoom in to the coastal site, double click to place a locator pin, upload a photo and type in any additional information about the site (directions to site, nearest street address, dimensions of site if applicable, name, phone number, etc.). The inventory will be used to prioritize sites, seek resources to remediate coastal impacts and raise awareness of coastal concerns.

Canadian Content Encouraged

The SWP cooperates with the Infosuperior Research and Information Network and encourages use by anyone on Lake Superior, whether in Canada or USA. At time of writing, there is only one Canadian posting from Coppermine Point north of Sault Ste. Marie. 

The Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Conservancy is an award winning Great Lakes nonprofit organization that has set national records for pollution prevention and implements innovative, science-based programs that achieve documented, measurable results through a variety of conservation, restoration and public education projects. 


Lake Blasts Marquette, Western Lake Superior

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