Ontario Offers Grants To $25,000
Posted on: November 1, 2017
Guardians of Gitchigumi wetlands trail at Pays Plat.
Community members of Pays Plat First Nation tour  shoreline ecosystems on the Guardians of Gitchigumi Wetlands Trail. Environmental scientist James Salter and environmental technician Debbie King led the hike. The Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund has supported efforts to protect Lake Superior wetlands, shorelines, and beaches of the Pays Plat First Nation.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has announced its sixth round of Great Lakes Guardian Community funding. Grants of up to $25,000 are available to communities, not-for-profit organizations, Métis and First Nations organizations and municipalities.

Applications are Due November 10th, 2017.


Projects are evaluated on Direct environmental benefit(s) that supports at least one of the following three goals from Ontario’s Great Lake Strategy.
  • Protect water quality for human and ecological health (e.g. stream or wetland restoration, stormwater management, outreach and engagement)
  • Improve wetlands, beaches and coastal areas (e.g. planting vegetation, habitat rehabilitation, shoreline clean-up events, restoring wetlands using traditional ecological knowledge)
  • Protect habitats and species (e.g. planting native plants, creating habitats for wetland wildlife, creating fish spawning beds, restoring traditional harvesting areas)
  • Community Involvement, Collaboration and Leverage (e.g. volunteer involvement, youth involvement, training, site tours, collaboration among groups or organizations, in-kind or financial contributions)
  • Sound Project Design (e.g. clear and achievable objectives, feasibility, performance measures, experience, expertise, qualifications)
Pays Plat Volunteers
Volunteers collect samples at Pays Plat for water quality analysis. The Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund has supported the work of Pays Plat First Nation to complete an ecological inventory. Water samples were collected to establish a baseline for long-term monitoring. (Photo: Debbie King)

Additional Links and Resources

Please note that applications must be submitted through Grants Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Great Lakes Advisor Curniss McGoldrick would be glad to answer any questions about the fund. Curniss can be contacted at 807-475-1693 or curniss dot mcgoldrick at ontario dot ca. [email addresses printed on websites attract huge spam volumes, hence Infosuperior’s preceding written email format]

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