Marquette Hosts 2nd Annual Fresh Coast Film Festival
Posted on: October 15, 2017
Ore Dok Brewing
A sign outside one of Marquette’s several micro breweries. Fresh Coast Film Festival organizers hope participants enjoy a wide range of films and experiences around Marquette, including micro brews.

A documentary film festival celebrating the outdoor lifestyle, water-rich environment and resilient spirit of the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest…

Marquette, Michigan will host the second annual “Fresh Coast Film Festival” celebrating water, the Great Lakes, the outdoors and Midwest spirit. This year’s festival runs from October 19th through 22nd. Marquette is a beautiful town situated on the south shore of Lake Superior. The history of the town is closely linked to Lake Superior and considerable effort has been focused on preserving historic architecture.

Adventure films from around the world will be shown but organizers say they hope to build a culture of “Great Lakes storytelling.” The festival is meant to attract environmental thinkers, athletes, media professionals and the outdoors industry. The festival also promotes Marquette’s many micro breweries, restaurants and even the area’s vivid fall colours, which could be at their height. In essence, festival organizers hope to immerse participants not only in film, but also in the wide range of activity and enjoyment Marquette has to offer.

The Fresh Coast website sums things up best:

Fresh Coast will be held annually in October during the height of fall color season in the Lake Superior harbor town of Marquette, Michigan. Here the waves of an inland sea crash on the bedrock remains of the ancient Huron Mountains. A red lighthouse winks across the water at thousand-foot freighters slipping through the fog. Singletrack trails link a historic downtown with world class mountain biking, trail running and waterfalls. After a day of play, a vibrant brewing and dining scene rewards hard work with ingredients and inspiration drawn from the crisp clean waters of the world’s largest body of fresh water, Lake Superior. We think you’ll like it here.

Preque Isle Park near Marquette
Presque Isle Park is located on the shore of Lake Superior just north of Marquette. The park offers beautiful forests and plenty of trails for festival goers with outdoor interests.

Proceed to the Fresh Coast Website:


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