North Harbour Tour Brings Fresh Perspectives
Posted on: August 30, 2017
North Harbour Boat Tour August, 2017
Academics and researchers from Lakehead University tour the Thunder Bay North Harbour site on August 2nd. Among the departments represented were Chemistry, Engineering, Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Science.

On August 2nd, a diverse group of academics and researchers from Lakehead University toured a contaminated area of Thunder Bay harbour commonly referred to as the “North Harbour” area.

North Harbour is located near the mouth of the Current River and the former shipyards, adjacent to a paper mill which has been torn down. The area is contaminated with mercury and other substances, a legacy from decades when less strict environmental regulations were in place. Several studies have been conducted to quantify technical aspects of the contaminated site and to understand impacts of the contamination. Most of these studies and other additional information is available at The studies provide several cleanup options. Next steps for cleanup have not yet been finalized.

The boat tour was meant to familiarize academics and researchers with the North Harbour site and the challenges associated with cleanup.  Additionally, engagement of this diverse group of experts may spark innovative ideas for dealing with the contamination.

Engagement of expertise from Lakehead University is an outgrowth of the “Mercury Roundtable” held on March 7th as part of the university’s “Research and Innovation Week.” At the roundtable, some of Canada’s formemost experts on mercury stressed the importance of engaging the local community, as well as developing and bringing to bear local expertise. A March 14th article in Infosuperior providing an overview of the roundtable is accessible below.

Roundtable Discussions: What Can we Do About Mercury in Our Water?

For photos from North Harbour, click here. 

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