For the Earth and Water Walk 2017
Posted on: May 1, 2017
Again, the Nookmisag Melvina & Lee are praying and walking for the healing of the Water. We are blessed today (April 27, 2017) by all the snow β€” in Bergland, Michigan. (Source: For the Earth and Water Walk 2017)

Beginning in the wee morning hours of April 20th from Spirit Mountain – Duluth, Minnesota Anishnaabe grandmother and respected elder Josephine Mandamin began another of her epic walks for nibi (water) around the Great Lakes.

Josephine, and those who accompany her, will be carrying a copper pot that has been dipped into the waters of Lake Superior. For the most part it will be the women walkers who will carry the water – with men travelling alongside carrying the Eagle Staff and serving as guides and protectors. The Water Walks are based on Anishinaabe ceremonial water teachings and are a walk to honour the water spirits so there will be healthy rivers, lakes and oceans for generations to come.

When they are walking for the water the women are in an Anishinaabe Ceremony from the beginning of the day until the end. They will be moving like water, continuously all day long, until they reach their destination. In addition to the water, they will also be carrying tobacco to offer to any flowing streams or rivers they may cross, and to honour any animals they may pass along the way. These women will be making offerings for the water, singing water songs, and making petitions for the water to be pure, clean and to continuously flow.

As this is an Anishinaabe Ceremony, those who wish to join the walk are asked to respect the territory and protocol of the walk. More information about the walk can be found on their website at or their Facebook Group: For the Earth and Water Walk 2017.

A live map (updated in 10-minute intervals) showing the location of the walkers is also available.

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