Posted on: May 1, 2017
The Federal Danube, an ocean going vessel.
The Federal Danube, an ocean going vessel visiting Thunder Bay this spring.

A quick look shows that approximately 20 Great Lakes and ocean-going commercial vessels are plying the waters of Superior as this article is written. In fact the “Federal Danube” is just about to enter the Port of Thunder Bay. All of this information is available through Infosuperior’s Lake Shipping tool which shows every commercial vessel on Lake Superior, it’s name and where it is heading.

Infosuperior Lake Shipping Tool

For some people, viewing the huge commercial vessels of Lake Superior and the Great Lakes is a passion. There are Facebook groups devoted to this passtime – “Fans of Great Lakes Ships”, and all manner of sites where Great Lakes boatnerds get their fix, like This latter site includes specifics on Great Lakes vessels, including where they were built, when they were built and myriad other facts. The site includes a comprehensive set of photos and information about Great Lakes shipping, including tugs and workboats, the Great Lakes commercial fleet, even fishing tugs.

Spring ship movement on the Great Lakes means we are one step closer to summer but it is also a cornerstone of the Great Lakes economy and demonstrates the link between the the inland seas and the oceans of the world. has provided a quick spring fix for boatnerds. Their April 20th article is entitled, “See 20 monster boats of the Great Lakes in gorgeous photos.”

Check out the article and some great photos of the lake boats:

See 20 monster boats of the Great Lakes in gorgeous photos.


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