Thunder Bay Harbour “Way Back”
Posted on: January 16, 2017

CBC radio in Thunder Bay recently aired an audio recording about cleanup of a toxic creosote blob in Thunder Bay Harbour. The cleanup took place in the nineties and is part of CBC Thunder Bay’s “Wayback” series, centering on historical events in Northwestern Ontario. The 7′ clip provides an overview of the cleanup through an interview with Bob Hartley, former chair of the Public Advisory Committee to the Thunder Bay Remedial Action Plan, or harbour cleanup plan.

As one listens to this audio clip from years ago it is easy to wonder, “how could we have let such pollution happen?” In fact, such sites dot the Great Lakes. Remedial Action Plans in both Canada and USA have been put in place for cleanup. Thunder Bay’s industrial past has left other toxic legacies in Lake Superior, including the “North Harbour” site near the mouth of the Current River. North Harbour is contaminated with mercury and methods for cleanup are being examined.  Cleanup arrangements have not been finalized.