Podcast: Book Walks Children Round Lake Superior
Posted on: November 29, 2016
Water Walkers
This Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Photo shows the Water Walkers near Ashland, Minnesota on the U.S. side of Lake Superior.

A new children’s book entitled, “Water Walkers” by Michigan Author Carol Trembath, with illustrations by David Craig, takes children on a trip around Lake Superior. The book is based upon the journey undertaken by the Waterwalkers. This group of Anishanaabe women and men walked around Lake Superior and subsequently, year-by-year, walked around the Great Lakes – over 11,000 miles, or 17,000 kilometers.

The new book centers on the Lake Superior portion of their water walks. A 2014 article in the London Free Press quotes group leader Josephine Mandamin, an Anishanaabe women who now lives in Thunder Bay, as saying, “I think Lake Superior was the one we really respected a lot in terms of it’s majestic length and coolness of the water. It was very nice. You couldn’t swim in it because it was so cold. Lake Huron is my home water and I really have a lot of personal attachment to the water there. I’m from Manitoulin Island and Georgian Bay was pristine waters when I was there.”

The Waterwalker’s journey is as much a spiritual passage as it is an environmental one, centered on fact and philosophy wrapped up in the words, “water is life.” The Waterwalkers wish is to promote care and protection of the waters of the Great Lakes. Their walks began in 2003 and have continued since then.


Link to a Michigan Public Radio Podcast about the New Book “Water Walkers.”

Link to purchase the book through Amazon

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