Advice for a New Government: Focus on Great Lakes Basics
Posted on: November 29, 2016
The Great Lakes Region
The population of the U.S. Great Lakes region is over 55 million, approaching 20% of the country’s population.


The Great Lakes have been mentioned time and again as transition to a new government takes place on the U.S. side. All of this focus on the Great Lakes states however, has been on one thing and one thing only – votes. The environment of the Great Lakes watershed has taken a back seat.

As transition to a new government takes place, a recent article in the “Great Lakes Echo” is a refreshing voice. No side is taken as to election outcome, rather, the article contains advice for the incoming government about managing Great Lakes environmental matters. It is interesting to note that the author doesn’t seem to feel environmental issues in the Lake Superior watershed are even worthy of mention but maybe that’s a good thing. This uppermost Great Lake gets no ink.

Pointing out that the Great Lakes regional economy is the fourth largest in the world, the article goes on to promote a focus on the basics:

  • ensure clean drinking water (after two major drinking water failures in the last two years in the Great Lakes region)
  • fix Lake Erie, (where pollution from agriculture has caused both Canada and USA to rate the lake’s condition as “poor” and “deteriorating”).

Read the full article in the Great Lakes Echo.

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