Thunder Bay Harbour Featured in New Smithsonian Institute Video
Posted on: November 15, 2016

The Algoma Equinox Great Lakes – St. Lawrence waterway bulk carrier and a first mate from Newfoundland are “standard issue” for any Great Lakes working harbour. The Port of Thunder Bay is a great example of just such a busy shipping hub. These elements  are wrapped up in a high-quality video produced by the Smithsonian Institute as this ship loads 30,000 tons of grain, then struggles through Superior’s November gales and across all of the other Great Lakes to get in one last delivery before winter shutdown. The video clip above is a short  “trailer” for the movie.

If you’ve never been aboard a ship in Thunder Bay Harbour as it takes on grain, this video trailer takes you there. High definition footage shows the staggering amounts of grain loaded in Thunder Bay.

If you’d care to follow the Algoma Equinox as it crosses the Great Lakes, information as to full video TV times or how to purchase the video on Itunes is available via the following link:


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