IJC Invites Public to November 9th Thunder Bay Event


IJC Public Session in Thunder Bay November 9th.

The International Joint Commission’s Great Lakes Water Quality Board will be hosting a panel discussion, “The Great Lakes: The First Nations, Metis Nation and Tribal Perspective” on November 9th from 7 to 9 PM at Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The general public is welcome to attend. There is no charge.

Infosuperior will be live streaming meeting audio and presentations which will be accessible via computer, tablet or mobile phone. Click one of the following links to join either the afternoon or the evening session of the meetings on November 9th.  Please join several minutes early as your device may require a simple download of livestream software.

Online Audio Livestreams: 

IJC Public Meeting – Afternoon Session (1pm to 5pm)
Meeting ID: 967-825-469

  • Traditional opening, prayer and opening remarks.
  • Presentations and discussions regarding aboriginal and tribal matters from a national perspective in both Canada and the United States
  • Exploration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and how the Board may consider and incorporate it into future work and projects. 

IJC Public Meeting – Evening Session (7pm to 9pm)
Meeting ID: 225-181-997

  • Public discussion hosted by the Public Engagement Work Group that will focus on indigenous people’s perspectives on the Great Lakes and specifically Lake Superior. 

Panel members from the region will discuss their unique perspectives of Lake Superior, the Great Lakes and long-term challenges and their impacts on indigenous people and the overall ecosystem. Recognizing the binational nature of Lake Superior, representatives of U.S. tribes on the lake will also participate. Opportunity will be provided for public comments and questions to the panelists.

A major focus of the meeting will be to engage First Nations, Metis Nations and tribal communities on Great Lakes water quality issues, including the recently released Lake Superior Lakewide Action and Management Plan. The evening meeting is part of the Board’s 194th meeting on November 9-10, also at Fort William Historical Park and open to the public.

Agenda for the meetings is available here.

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