Terrace Bay Looks to Superior Waterfront

Casque Isles Trail, Terrace Bay
A quiet cove near Terrace Bay, Ontario on the Casque Isles Hiking Trail, Slate Islands in the background.

Terrace Bay, Ontario is a beautiful community blessed with a stunning location on Lake Superior. Situated high above the lake, a breath-taking view of Superior presents itself from many points in the community. Home to the southernmost population of woodland caribou in the world, the Slate Islands are easily visible some 10 km. offshore.

Terrace Bay’s close relationship with Lake Superior is very evident in the town and even Simcoe Mall, just off the main highway, has been recently refurbished, complete with Lake Superior colour scheme. The mall also includes a full-scale replica Slate Islands lighthouse, a bakery and restaurants, one with a charming outdoor terrace.

The lake itself is easily accessible by foot, bicycle or vehicle and Terrace Bay Beach displays a stunning expanse of sand and an active boat launch. Terrace Bay is also an excellent starting point to hike Superior’s shore. The Casque Isles Trail starts at Terrace Bay’s Aguasobon Falls touching the lake at several isolated Lake Superior coves, some of the them pure sand.

Town officials, under the direction of Mayor Jody Davis and council, have been working very hard to realize the tourism potential the town presents, much of this potential closely linked to Lake Superior. CBC Radio’s Jeff Walters recently visited Terrace Bay and spoke with Community Development Supervisor Dean Main…




colours of the mall

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