Citizen science and volunteer monitoring: free webinar
Posted on: July 20, 2016

The National Water Quality Monitoring Council, based in the U.S., is offering a webinar series geared toward volunteers who want to make an impact in scientific research on water quality.

The webinar is titled “Exploring the Worlds of Citizen Science and Volunteer Monitoring,” and aims to address the growing role of volunteering monitoring in research, restoration, and protection of watersheds.


The Presenters will be:
  • Tina Phillips, of the Public Engagement in Science Program at Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Kris Stepenuck, Extension Program Leader for Lake Champlain Sea Grant
  • Julie Vastine, Director of Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (moderator for the webinar)

From the press release:

While aquatic-based volunteer monitoring has been around for more than five decades, the term citizen science is generating a great deal of buzz and attention – resulting in international studies, new articles, and focused mini-conferences.  With new agencies and programs coming to the community-based scientific research table, now is the time to discuss what exactly is volunteer monitoring and citizen science, synergies, as well as avenues for collaboration and increased integration.

This webinar will explore the general fields of citizen science and volunteer monitoring, highlight the successes/outcomes of the volunteer monitoring field, and end with a discussion of how to learn from each other strengths, challenges, and discuss avenues for increased collaboration.  

If you’re interested, the webinar will be offered on Wednesday, August 31st at 2:00 pm ET (11:00 am PT).


Note that pre-registration is required to participate in this event.


To register, please click here and register. When your registration is approved, you’ll receive an email with instructions for joining the webinar.


Visit the National Water Quality Monitoring Council at
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