SPECIAL REPORT: Severe weather hits Minnesota, Wisconsin
Posted on: July 14, 2016

Several areas in the Midwest were hammered earlier this week with severe weather, including flooding rain and tornados. A storm on July 11 had substantial impacts on the Lake Superior coastline at Saxon Harbor, almost directly on the Wisconsin/Michigan border. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker recorded a video of the impact of floodwater on the Lake Superior coastline, visible in the Twitter link below. NASA photos from space show mud and sediment being swept into Lake Superior.


In addition to coastal environmental impacts, dozens of boats were damaged and eight boats are still lost. No sheen (oil slick) has been noted on the water. The Bad River and Bad River Reservation saw significant impacts: a representative of the Bad River Band said that the Bad River rose 27 feet, a new record. In Minnesota the I – 35 interstate highway was closed, a rare occurrence for this main route to the Superior basin. Rain was measured at over 12 inches in the centre of the storm area near the Wisconsin/Michigan border, although effects were felt in all three states bordering Lake Superior.

In addition to extreme wind down-bursts, several small tornadoes were also documented. Several people had to be rescued from a site on the Apostle Islands. Three confirmed deaths have been attributed to the storm as of July 14 and governor Walker declared a state of emergency in eight counties.

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Featured photo of mud and sediment being swept out to Lake Superior credit to Nathan Mielke (@ndmielke) via Twitter.