Conference, Research, News, and Courses from the Great Lakes Shores
Posted on: May 5, 2016
There’s lots buzzing around Great Lakes research lately – major conferences, exciting academic opportunities, news updates, and research releases. Here are a few headlines from Great Lakes shores:


Researchers from around the work will be gathering at University of Guelph from June 6-10th for International Association for Great Lakes Research’s 59th Annual Conference. Attendees will be treated to four days of scientific sessions and speakers. The theme of this year’s event is “Great Lakes Solutions: Integrating Across Disciplines & Scales.”


Everyone attending the conference, including speakers, must register. Online registration is open until May 23; after that you will have to register onsite where walk in rates apply. IAGLR student members are encouraged to claim financial assistance while registering, but cautioned that funds are limited and based upon mileage to the conference.


Out of the Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI, the Great Lakes Maritime Academy is offering  “Interpreting Sediment in the Field: Theory and Field Methods.” Aimed at professionals responsible for managing sediment in rivers and watersheds, the 5-day course is presented as a mix of classroom and field sessions. From the college website: “You will learn about the different types of sediment and how to identify and interpret them in the field, sediment dating and sampling methods, and the use of vegetation and other field tools to glean information about managing sediment in your river system.$200 registration fee covers all breaks, beverage service, transportation to field sites, fluvial conveyances and lunches for the week.”


Advance registration is required. Deadline: July 18th, 2016.
Download the registration form (Word format) and send or fax it to Michael Schneider  (Fax: 734-971-9150)


University of Wisconsin SeaGrant Releases first Aquatic Sciences Chronicle of 2016
The University of Wisconsin SeaGrant, in tandem with the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute, released their first newsletter of 2016. This issue of the Chronicle brings news on efficient use of wells; how bacteria in sediment of Milwaukee waterways spells trouble in the rise of area ‘super-bugs’; reports from the Lake Sturgeon Bowl and Michigan Seafood Summit; upcoming SeaGrant research projects; and more.

To take a gander at this latest SeaGrant news from across the border, click here.

Greater Lakes releases report on Water Conservation in 6 Great Lakes Communities
Greater Lakes has released a major study on improving water conservation and efficiency in six Great Lakes communities. Three communities are in the Grand River basin in southern Ontario, and three are in Oakland County, Michigan. The research is part of a project which explores and tests environmental and financial rationales for municipalities to initiate water conservation and green infrastructure measures. Greater Lakes organization hopes that the research can be applicable to all Great Lakes communities, not just the ones studied.

Project manager John Jackson stated in his introduction that the primary recommendation from the project is  that “we must develop a more integrated, holistic approach to water management in order to restore the water system to a more natural condition that will better serve both human needs and the needs of wildlife and other parts of the ecosystem.”



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