Science, Policy & Water: WI summit May 10th
Posted on: March 28, 2016

On May 10th, 2016, University of Wisconsin-Madison South will be hosting an summit titled Science, Policy & Water. The event aims to get conversation flowing between policy-makers, scientists, and citizens to form effective, informed protection for Wisconsin watersheds. Summit organizers want to ensure that water-related public policy is being backed by solid scientific research, and that lines of communication are open between all interested parties in the forming of these policies. Over the course of a day, attendees will hear about contemporary issues surrounding science and policy from politicians (present and retired), researchers, academics, environmental advocates, tribal leaders, and more. A list of lecture topics is included in the press release below.

Early bird registration ends April 1st, so hop to it if you want discounted rates! Final registration deadline for the event ends at noon on May 4th, 2016.

 Info from the press release is below. For more information, and to register, visit the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters’ event website here.
Organized by the Academy’s Waters of Wisconsin Initiative, our Science, Water & Policy Summit brings together scientists, policy-makers, students, citizens, and others to engage in civil dialogue on the changing role of science in policy-making around the state’s waters.
Early bird registration before April 1 is $50 general public/$40 Academy members. The student rate is $20. Register now to lock in early-bird rates.
Daytime presentations and panels include (see agenda for speakers):
  • Morning Keynote: “Science, Policy, and Uncertainty” with UW scientist Steve Ackerman
  • Panel: “Shifting Currents – the State of Our Waters” with leading experts on water quality in Wisconsin
  • Lunch Keynote: “Science, Policy & The Great Lakes” with IJC Commissioner Lana Pollack
  • Panel: “Science & Policymaking” with a panel of current and past Wisconsin State Legislators and tribal leaders
  • Panel: “Can We Save Green Bay?” with Steve Galarneau from the WI DNR, as well as four of the state’s foremost experts on Green Bay water quality and associated policy
  • Closing: “Water, Science, Policy & Ethics” with Aldo Leopold Foundation Fellow Curt Meine
Later in the evening, we will host a free Academy Talk composed of a panel of three Academy Fellows who will provide their own reflections on the connections between science and policy. Please join us!
For questions about the Science, Policy & Water: A Waters of Wisconsin Summit, please contact Meredith Keller at 608-263-1692 ext 20.



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