Cloud Lake Open House – May 30th from 10am to noon
Posted on: May 19, 2015

Cloud Lake Open House – Sat., May 30 from 10am to noon
Blake Hall (71 Blake Hall Rd., Neebing, ON)

Google Earth Image showing an algal bloom on Cloud Lake. (July 2006)
Google Earth Image showing an algal bloom on Cloud Lake (July 2006).

Lakehead University will be hosting an open house for residents and campers of the Cloud Lake area on Sat., May 30th from 10 am to noon at Blake Hall (71 Blake Hall Rd., Neebing, ON)(map).

Over the summer months, scientists from the university will be examining the effects of nutrient inputs to the lake in terms of the total phosphorous production. They will also be examining the effects of these nutrients on the local aquatic ecosystem.

In recent years, user groups and resource managers have noted declining ecosystem conditions in Cloud Lake. A decline in water quality has been observed as indicated by algal blooms, increased turbidity, and elevated phosphorus concentrations. In addition, aquatic invasive species—rusty crayfish and smelt—have been introduced, and the quality of the fishery has decreased. There are several potential causes for the decline in ecosystem health, but field studies have been limited to single data points without the benefit of a planned and coordinated effort to gather data over multiple seasons. Lakehead University has agreed to collect baseline data this summer to better define the problem and to understand the environmental factors that may be affecting the watershed.

This open house is an opportunity for residents to meet the researchers, ask questions and provide input/observations on the lake conditions. Free refreshments will be provided.

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