Month: March 2015

Lake Superior Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Released

The Lake Superior Biodiversity Conservation Strategy is now complete and freely available . This Strategy provides a summary of the health of and threats to the biodiversity of Lake Superior, and presents a guide to implementing effective lakewide and regional conservation strategies.

This Strategy contributes to the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement commitment of developing lakewide habitat and species protection and restoration conservation strategies. To learn more about all of the binational implementation activities, documents, and engagement opportunities, please visit

Government agencies, local stakeholders, organizations, and groups such as your own have all been instrumental in developing the Lake Superior Biodiversity Conservation Strategy. We encourage you to use the information in the Strategy to identify and apply necessary actions within your watersheds, coasts, and Lake Superior waters.

Twenty corresponding regional plans, which identify local and regional conservation opportunities, are being drafted and will be released for your review and input shortly. Together, the Strategy and the regional plans will support the implementation of actions around Lake Superior to meet the overarching goal of protecting and restoring Lake Superior’s habitat and species.

Please visit for more information. The website contains the background information and documents that were used to develop the Strategy. For an overview, be sure to check out the Lake Superior Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: Background Webinar. Any questions and comments can be sent to a regional contact for your area.

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