Huge Terrace Bay Land Purchase by Thunder Bay Field Naturalists

Terrace Bay Land Purchase
The Thunder Bay Field Naturalists have purchased a huge piece of land and 15 islands near Terrace Bay.

The Thunder Bay Field Naturalists (TBFN) have purchased a huge piece of land in the vicinity of Terrace Bay, Ontario after the land appeared on the market in conjunction with sale of assets of the former Terrace Bay Pulp Inc. mill. The organization purchased over 1200 acres on the mainland as well as 15 very rugged, small islands close to Terrace Bay.

TBFN representatives say the challenge now is to pay for the land. This is the largest purchase ever made by TBFN which had already purchased lands including Hare Island near Thunder Cape and Paradise Island on the south side of St. Ignace Island. Click here to find out how you can contribute.

The map above outlines in red the parcels purchased by TBFN.  The Casque Isles Hiking Trail going through this parcel is marked with a dotted green line (this is the Lyda Bay segment of the trail).   The large parcel lying on the east side of Hydro Bay and over almost to the Aguasabon River is over 1200 acres.  In addition TBFN purchased 15 small islands lying in Hydro Bay and extending along the coast to the eastern boundary of the Town of Terrace Bay. Most of these islands are shown on the map but a few lie much further to the east and are off the map.  The two parcels are adjacent to each other and  represent an incredible package of protection/conservation for this area.

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