Lake Superior Warming “Faster Than Any Lake on the Planet”
Posted on: October 16, 2013

Lake Superior, which is the world’s largest freshwater lake is currently experiencing warming rates that are faster than any other lake worldwide. Dr. James Kitchell, professor emeritus from the University of Wisconsin in Madison explains that increased warming is due to it’s size, 31 700 square miles, which allows it to absorb more solar radiation.  Over the past thirty years, Lake Superior has seen an increase in temperature by 6 degrees Fahrenheit.  Warming water temperatures have had various impacts, both positive and negative. Temperature increases have favoured the walleye populations causing an increase which provides an economic boost for recreational fisheries and associated businesses. Warming temperatures have also allowed for sea lamprey, an invasive species which has previously decimated lake trout populations, to make a comeback.

See link for complete article from Public Radio International and audio interview with Dr. James Kitchell.

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