Potential for 14 Million Barrels of Oil Annually to Be Shipped on Superior
Posted on: April 15, 2013
artners Superior, Wisc. refinery
Calumet Specialty Products Partners Superior Refinery is situated in Superior, Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Superior.

3.7 million tons of petroleum products were shipped on entire Great Lakes in 2010; Decision could come by summer whether to proceed…

High production from the Bakken Oil Shale Play in North Dakota and bitumen from Alberta mean there could be increased flow of oil through the Lake Superior region. Calumet Specialty Products Partners operates a refinery in Superior, Wisconsin and is exploring the idea of building and operating a crude oil loading dock on Lake Superior. An article in the Detroit Free press quotes the company as saying that shipping by vessel is “safer and more economical than rail” and that vessels could be moving some of this oil across Superior by 2015. Read more in the Detroit Free Press…

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