North Dakota Bakken Drives Push For L. Superior Oil Transport
Posted on: February 27, 2013
The Bakken, a satellite view.
Flares due to burning off natural gas light the night sky in North Dakota. Six years ago this light from flaring would not have shown up in a satellite photo. North Dakota is also experiencing a huge boom in oil production. More info…

The huge boom in U.S. Oil production, specifically the “Bakken Play” in North Dakota, based on shale oil “fracking”, is driving the push for a Lake Superior oil terminal. In fact, as noted in an earlier article on Infosuperior, Calument LLC is examining the potential for an oil terminal at Superior, Wisconsin. The distance from North Dakota to Superior, Wisconsin is approximately 225 miles. This terminal would provide the ability to move oil across Lake Superior and the entire Great Lakes system. Read more from a February 24th, 2013 article in the “Superior Telegram.”

Check out an excellent article in the latest National Geographic Magazine on North Dakota Bakken Oil Shale production.

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