January 15, 2019


Photo: Thank you Jim Gordon of Dassel, MinnesotaThe ship Wilfred Sykes closes out the shipping season, January 7, 2019, Superior, Wisconsin. 

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You won't find any information about Lake Superior ice cover if you visit the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website originally set up for this purpose. The above "screen grab" from the NOAA page shows that only information about the government shutdown is provided. Click here to go to the NOAA Great Lakes ice cover page. NOAA Ice Info Unavailable Looking for …

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How Well Do We Know Lake Superior as an Indicator of Climate Change?

Ye et al. (2018) used a Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM) to model lake temperature while accounting for 3D variations in topography. (Source: Ye et al. 2018) Recent Study Models Parameters Influencing Lake Superior Temperatures As the climate changes and we look to our environment for clues about the nature of those changes, it becomes important to understand what …

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Great Lakes Guide: All your Great Lakes Activities on One Site

This beautiful new website aims to get people out and engaging with the beautiful Great Lakes region. Click the image to visit the home page pictured here. Engaging and Inspiring If you live in the Laurentian Great Lakes region, you know that these environments are host to a plethora of potential adventures and activities. Now you can find information for …

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Sustain Our Great Lakes Restoration Funding Available

Restoring and enhancing Coastal Wetland Habitat is a funding priority of the Sustain Our Great Lakes Program. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has announced that the Sustain Our Great Lakes (SOGL) program is soliciting proposals to benefit fish, wildlife, habitat and water quality in the Great Lakes basin. The program will award grants in 2019 to improve and enhance three key areas: 1) stream and …

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Kama Creek

Little Streams Add Up for Michigan Technological University Researchers

Kama Creek, pictured above, is one of the smaller tributaries entering Lake Superior. (Photo: J. Bailey/Infosuperior.com) Researchers at Michigan Technological University have discovered that the number of small tributaries entering Lake Superior is probably much greater than anyone has previously estimated, and their contributions to the lake ecology and biochemistry is mostly unknown. Full Technical Paper: Of Small Streams and …

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Reports Recommending Redesignation Available for Four Thunder Bay BUIs

A goal of the Remedial Action Plan for the Thunder Bay's Area of Concern has been to restore our area's beneficial uses so that they are no longer impaired. Within Thunder Bay, twelve different beneficial use impairments were identified in the late-1980s in need of cleanup, or remediation. A Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI) means a change in the chemical, physical, …

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Flotsam and Jetsam...

• Apostles Islands Camera Trap Study: Hidden Lives of Island Carnivores

• Apply for Great Lakes Summer Fellowships by Feb 22

• IAGLR Call For Abstracts: Deadline Feb 1, 2019

• WDNR Reconsiders L. Superior fishing agreement with Red Cliff/Bad River

• Survey: Water Research Microsatellite Mission Design Concept

• Ontario's L. Superior Ice Caves Named Top 2019 Spot to Visit by NYTimes

• WTIP.org Radio Article/Podcast: Beavers and the L. Superior Region

• Sediment Plumes And Lake Superior

• Introducing the New MDNR Commissioner

• 117 Great Lakes Drownings in 2018

• Toronto Leads in North American Waterfront Revitalization

• Asian Carp Battle Includes ‘Carp Cowboys’ and High-Tech Dam Project 


• MPCA Issues Final Air, Water Permits For Polymet Mine

• Enbridge to Remove Existing Line 3 From Tribal Lands if Replacement is Built

• Opposition to Marquette County Mining

• Fond du Lac Band Challenges Minntac Permit

• Australian Miner Superior Lake Resources Winston Lake Project


• Annual Great Lakes Ice-Breaking Begins

• End in Sight for Shipping Season

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• Feb 19-21: Wisconsin Wetlands Science Conference

• Mar 25-29: North American Lake Management Society Conference

• May 6-8, 2019: Great Lakes Economic Forum in Cleveland

• Job Opportunities: Great Lakes Commission

• Job Opportunity: Seafarers' International Union of Canada Hiring