December 1, 2017


Photo: Thank you Joan Berezowski

The Icebreaker "Alexander Henry", November 23, 2017, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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Caribou travel accross the Lake Superior ice, 2014.

Caribou, Ice and Wolves Create Deadly Mix

A caribou from Lake Superior’s Slate Islands travels over the ice to the mainland near Jackfish Bay, 2014. Ice cover in 2014 also allowed wolves from the mainland to travel to the Slate Islands and Michipicoten Island. This photo was received by Infosuperior on April 7th, 2014. Photo by George and Janice Danio. Michipicoten First Nation is deeply concerned about …

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Draft Habitat Strategy

Thunder Bay PAC Meeting - December 6

Nathan Wilson will present a draft habitat strategy for the Thunder Bay Area of Concern on December 6th. The Public Advisory Committee to the Thunder Bay Remedial Action Plan will meet at 7 p.m. on December 6th in ATAC Room 3004 at Lakehead University. Evening parking at Lakehead University is free of charge and available right beside the ATAC building. …

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Interactive Tour - Lake Superior Outflows

View the interactive tour full size in a new window. Lake Superior is at the second highest November level ever recorded, gaining water when it usually looses it. Ever wonder how outflows from Lake Superior are determined and regulated at any given point in time? Related Nov. 14th Article - Superior Almost One Foot Above Average  Outflow at the St. …

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Gay Stamp Sands

Buffalo Reef Public Meeting - Linden-Hubbell High School - Dec. 5

This aerial photo shows the drift of stamp sands from the community of Gay, south toward the Grand Traverse Harbor on Lake Superior. The community of Gay is located on the east side of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Photo: Neil Harri). A public meeting dealing with Lake Superior's Buffalo Reef, which is located on the east side of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, …

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Great Lakes Restoration Iniative Projects

Bipartisan Support for Great Lakes

A map showing projects completed with assistance from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. In a rare show of unity, lawmakers from both parties came together this month to protect the Great Lakes. A spending bill approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee provides $300 million for Great Lakes restoration and protection.  The measure cleared committee and now goes to the full …

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Earthcare Advisory Committee Chair Andrew Foulds

"Earthcare" Included in New Thunder Bay Official Plan

Thunder Bay City Councillor and Earthcare Advisory Committee Chair Andrew Foulds examines the new City of Thunder Bay Draft Official Plan at a meeting of Eathcare community partners on November 21st. On November 21st, City of Thunder Bay representatives met with Earthcare Sustainability Plan community partners, providing these organizations with another chance for input into the City of Thunder Bay …

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