November 30, 2016

Your roundup of Lake Superior

Political, Environmental, Economic, Research, and Social headlines!


Photo - Rossport Islands, Canadian North Shore of Lake Superior, 190 km. east of Thunder Bay.

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#SuperiorEnvironment - What Hamilton Harbour Cleanup Can Teach Us About TBay North Harbour - 7 p.m., Nov. 30  - "In-person" or Livestream

SoundCloud: November 30th Randle Reef Presentation Preview

This 10' Soundcloud audio clip features an interview with Dr. Chris McLaughlin about the "Randle Reef Project", an environmental cleanup project currently taking place within the waters of Hamilton Harbour on Lake Ontario. Chris is the Executive Director of Hamilton Harbour's Bay Area Restoration Council. In the audio clip, Chris previews the presentation about the Randle Reef project he will …

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#SuperiorResearch - Big, Cold, Remote - With An Alarming Algae Issue

Lake Baikal, Russia.

It Could Never Happen Here

Photo: Lake Baikal, Russia.

We think of Lake Superior as being so large, with so much water, that any minor environmental impacts are simply “swallowed up” by the lake, dwarfed by the lake's sheer size and volume. A November 14th article in the New York Times however makes it clear that we should definitely not become complacent. The article delves into …

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#SuperiorResearch - New Study Examines Interaction of Mercury, Other Chemicals

Guide to Eating Ontario Fish

Journal: More Restrictive Fish Consumption Advisories Warranted

Environmental Health Perspectives is a monthly peer-reviewed journal of research and news published with support from the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A new study published in EHP explores consumption advisories due to toxic substances like mercury and PCBs placed on fish in the …

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#SuperiorPolitics -  Simple Suggestions For A Complex Situation

The Great Lakes Region

Advice for a New Government: Focus on Great Lakes Basics

The population of the U.S. Great Lakes region is over 55 million, approaching 20% of the country's population.   The Great Lakes have been mentioned time and again as transition to a new government takes place on the U.S. side. All of this focus on the Great Lakes states however, has been on one thing and one thing only – …

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#SuperiorSocial - Lake Superior And Children: Making the Connect

Water Walkers

Podcast: Book Walks Children Round Lake Superior

This Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Photo shows the Water Walkers near Ashland, Minnesota on the U.S. side of Lake Superior. A new children’s book entitled, “Water Walkers” by Michigan Author Carol Trembath, with illustrations by David Craig, takes children on a trip around Lake Superior. The book is based upon the journey undertaken by the Waterwalkers. This …

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