September 30, 2016

Your roundup of Lake Superior

Political, Environmental, Economic, Research, and Social headlines!


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#SuperiorPolitical - Infosuperior Livestream: October 4th and 5th

Infosuperior to Livestream Great Lakes Public Forum

The Great Lakes Public Forum will be livestreamed on Infosuperior on October 4th from 08:45 to 4 p.m. ET and on October 5th from 08:30 to 6 p.m. ET. Return to this page during the listed dates and times. Livestreaming will begin automatically. Hosted by the International Joint Commission, the forum runs from October 4th to 6th at the Allstream …

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#SuperiorEnvironment - Lake Trout, Whitefish Populations Strong

Eric Berglund presentation

Presentation Review: Latest Data on Thunder Bay Fish Populations

Eric Berglund of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry presents information about fish populations to a meeting of the Public Advisory Committee to the Thunder Bay Remedial Action Plan The Remedial Action Plan currently lists fish populations as degraded or "impaired" in Thunder Bay on Lake Superior but Eric Berglund told Sept. 21st meeting participants that populations of …

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#SuperiorEnvironment2 - Pays Plat Supports Powder Islands Purchase

Powder Islands

Nature Conservancy Does it Again!

The Powder Islands are located between Schreiber and Nipigon 1.5 km. south of the community of Pays Plat on the Canadian side of Lake Superior. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased the Powder Islands off Pays Plat, Ontario on the North Shore of Lake Superior (often referred to as the Anguros Islands by locals). This is the latest of …

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#SuperiorEconomic - Great Lakes Cargoes: August Up, 2016 Down


August Shipping Shapes Up

Great Lakes marine transport moves over 160 million metric tons of cargo per year in lake freighters and "salties", ships capable of both ocean and lake transport. This capability is absolutely vital to the well-being of Great Lakes ports like Thunder Bay and Duluth and to farmers and communities as far away as Alberta and across the U.S. Mid-west and …

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#SuperiorResearch - Report Shows Solid Great Lakes Environmental Progress

Report on progress for the GLWQA

Great Lakes Progress Report Released

The governments of Canada and USA have released a document reporting on progress over the last three years in meeting the goals of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Click the document or click here A report on progress to address Great Lakes environmental issues has been released by the governments of Canada and USA. Research to document progress and …

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#SuperiorSocial - Backstory: Finding the Train Wreck

Oct. 19 - Rossport Diver to Recount Locomotive Story

Rossport diver and charter boat operator Paul Turpin has agreed to present information about locating and diving to the train wreck recently found in the depths of Lake Superior. The wreck was located on the Canadian North Shore near Mink Tunnel. The work of Paul and others led the way to Tom Crossmon of Minnesota finding the steam locomotive which …

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#SuperiorExtra - Water Levels in All Canadian Rivers Flowing to Superior

River Levels

Real Time Data For Rivers Flowing to Superior

The Hydrometric Map and Data viewer allows site visitors to view water levels in all Canadian major rivers flowing to Superior - in real time. The Great Lakes Water Level Viewer of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration puts Lake Superior at just less than one foot above the long-term average and exactly one foot less than the all …

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