September 15, 2016

Your roundup of Lake Superior

Political, Environmental, Economic, Research, and Social headlines!


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#SuperiorEnvironment - The Health of Thunder Bay/Lake Superior Fish Populations


Sept. 21st Presentation: Thunder Bay Fish Populations

Four of Lake Superior's native fish species. The health of Lake Superior fish populations in Thunder Bay will be the central topic on the agenda for the September 21st meeting of the Public Advisory Committee (PAC) to the Thunder Bay Remedial Action Plan. The meeting takes place at 7 p.m. at Lakehead University in Room 3004 of the ATAC building. …

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#SuperiorEnvironment - Environmental Monitoring Data from Peninsula Harbour @ Marathon

Peninsula Harbour Capping Project

Oct. 19 - Peninsula Harbour Monitoring Presentation

Sand and aggregate are lowered from a barge into Peninsula Harbour within the confines of a "silt curtain." This work was part of a 2012 project to cap contaminated harbour sediment. A summary of environmental monitoring data collected in Peninsula Harbour, the main harbour at Marathon, Ontario, will be presented between 12 noon and 1:30 p.m. on October 19th at …

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#SuperiorSocial - "Lake Superior Evening" in Terrace Bay Oct. 19th

Blackbird Creek

Terrace Bay Lake Superior Evening Features Environmental and Historical Information

Blackbird Creek east of Terrace Bay near the Trans-Canada Highway. A summary of environmental monitoring data collected in Blackbird Creek and Jackfish Bay will be presented at 7 p.m. on October 19th at the Terrace Bay Recreation Centre. The presentation is intended to provide insight into the environmental health of the Blackbird Creek/Jackfish Bay ecosystem, just east of Terrace Bay. …

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#SuperiorResearch - U.S. Geological Survey Documents Plastic Problems in Great Lakes Rivers

Widespread Plastic Pollution Found in Great Lakes Tributaries

New research from the U. S. Geological Survey documents tiny pieces of plastic, called microplastics, in many rivers flowing to the Great Lakes. ...and by the way, don't think that Superior avoids the microplastics issue. A sub-set of microplastics, called "nurdles", which are used in the plastics manufacturing process, are a severe issue in Nipigon Bay and surrounding area. Thanks …

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#SuperiorEconomic - What Ship is That? Infosuperior can tell you.

Infosuperior's online tool allows site visitors to identify the name, owner, speed, destination, and other details of any ship on Superior - in real time.

Identify Any Ship On Lake Superior

Infosuperior's online tool allows site visitors to identify the name, owner, speed, destination, and other details of any ship on Superior - in real time. If you've taken in the view of the harbour at Hillcrest Park in Thunder Bay over the last several weeks, you will have noticed many ships anchored waiting to load cargo. Likewise, if you've been …

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#SuperiorPolitical - Great Lakes State/Provincial Representatives to Meet

Great Lakes Commission Annual Meeting

This meeting will be held on October 6th and 7th in Toronto and is a chance for Great Lakes stakeholders to share perspectives. Economics, climate change and invasive species are all on the agenda. The Great Lakes Commission is an interstate agency promoting orderly use and conservation of the water and related natural resources of the Great Lakes basin and …

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#SuperiorExtra - Water Temperatures Surprise Residents Round Superior 

Swimming Superior

Great Swimming Small Part of Larger Temperature Trend

Swimming at Neys Provincial Park If you swam Superior late this summer you will have noticed the warm water temperatures. Infosuperior has heard reports from swimmers utilizing inshore areas deep in protected bays, also from swimmers who have enjoyed Superior’s waters at locations around the tips of the Black Bay and Sibley Peninsulas, which jut well out into Lake Superior …

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#SuperiorExtra - From Montreal to Thunder Bay aboard a Great Lakes Freighter

Algoma Equinox

NY TIMES Feature Article: Great Lakes Voyage

The Algoma Equinox. A recent article in the New York Times provides an account of a six day voyage from Montreal to Thunder Bay aboard the Great Lakes Freighter Algoma Equinox. The article’s author, Porter Fox, rides as a passenger on the 750 foot vessel operated by Canada’s Algoma Central Corporation. Fox writes about life on the ship and industries …

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