November 1, 2019

Photo: Thank you Nicole Thompson. This image was taken this fall during the early evening hours at Tettegouche State Park.

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Blue-Green Algae Documented In Superior's Canadian Waters - A First?

A picture of Lake Superior surface water some 35 km/21 mi. east of Thunder Bay on September 20th. Green Patches Stretch Offshore In the evening of September 19th, a boater some 35 km/22 mi. east of Thunder Bay noticed green patches stretching far out into the open waters of the lake. The boater noted water temperature at 15 degrees Celsius or 59 …

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Lake Connectivity: Impacts on Lake Superior

This is the second in a series of articles about eutrophication that have been contributed by Nathan Wilson, a PhD candidate of Lakehead University. The previous article can be found here: Classifying Lakes: Eutrophication in the Boreal Forest Ecozone. It goes over basic terminology for classifying lakes, which is used in the following article that examines how changes in the …

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GLOS Releases Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Observing system buoy in Saginaw Bay. June 2010. Smart Great Lakes Initiative, part of the new Great Lakes Observing System Strategic Plan 2020-2025, is about connecting people to the information they need through the use of technology and advanced data collection. On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, in a seminar at the Lake Superior Conference room, Chief Executive Officer of Great …

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Decommissioning Nuclear Power in the Great Lakes

Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Lake County, Ohio next to Lake Erie. Photo: First Energy Corp. Flikr In a two-year project titled Decommissioning Practices of Nuclear Power Facilities in the Great Lakes Basin, the Great Lakes Water Quality Board (GLWQB) will assess the potential environmental impacts associated with decommissioning all remaining nuclear plants in the Great Lakes basin. By 2020, …

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Water Levels a Concern as Fall/Winter Storm Season Begins

Plaques and drift wood had been displaced up to the tree line at Neys Provincial Park this summer. High water levels in Lake Superior and throughout the Great Lakes have resulted in major impacts to Lakeshores, which may be the new normal as climate change leads to increased precipitation in the region. Photo: Infosuperior Great Lakes water levels have been …

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Flotsam and Jetsam...

• Step In and Speak Out - Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Questionnaire

• IJC Report - Use of Modelling Approaches to Affect Nutrient Management Through Adaptive Management

• EPA Announces New 5-Year Plan to Accelerate Restoration of the Great Lakes

• Compass: A Report From the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers, October 2019

• DuluthNewsTribune - Court of Appeals weighs PolyMet permits

• WDet - EPA, Environmentalists Find Common Cause in Great Lakes; Differ on Funding, Regulation

• Record-Eagle - Still more questions after FishPass Q&A

• MLive - Coast Guard Rescues Kayaker Fighting Waves in Lake Superior

• University of Minnesota-Duluth - Where Lake Superior Research was Hatched

• MilwaukeeMag - The Legend of the Lake Michigan Triangle


• UpperMichiganSource - Marquette County Board of Commissioners in support of Enbridge Resolution

• MichiganRadio - Judge upholds law allowing Great Lakes oil pipeline tunnel

• [Report] An Analysis of The Enbridge Financial Assurances Offered to the State of Michigan On Matters Related To The Operation of The Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline At the Straits of Mackinac

• DuluthNewsTribune - Enbridge offers Bad River Band $24M to settle pipeline lawsuit

Upcoming Great Lakes Events

• Nov 5: Milwaukee 2025: Water, Jobs, and the Way Forward

• Nov 7: Superior Watershed Partnership's 20th Anniversary

• Nov 15 [Webinar]: GLWQA Update on Nutrient Reduction Efforts in Lake Erie

• Nov 19: 8th Biennial State of the Strait Conference, Windsor, ON

Opportunities and Application Deadlines

• Position Open Until Filled: Minnesota Sea Grant - Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Educator

• Position Open Until Filled: University of Minnesota Sea Grant - Resilience Extension Educator

• Job Opportunities: Great Lakes Commission

• Apply by Dec 1: IAGLR Scholarships

• Apply by Feb 7: NOAA Marine Debris Prevention Funding Opportunity

• Submit Abstracts by Nov 15: Wetland Science Conference Call For Presentations