August 1, 2019

Photo: View of Nanabijou, the Sleeping Giant, when sailing Lake Superior on July 21, 2019. Credit: Infosuperior.com 

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Thunder Bay RAP Milestone: Bird/Animal Deformities Not Impaired

Environment and Climate Change Canada report finds low mercury (Hg) concentrations (highlighed) in herring gulls eggs and embryos from the Thunder Bay Area. This, among other findings, led to the conclusion that Bird and Animal Deformities are not impaired within the Thunder Bay Area of Concern Another significant milestone has been achieved bringing the Thunder Bay Harbour one more step …

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Progress at Lake Superior Contaminated Sites

Duluth-Superior Harbour and the St. Louis River estuary comprise the St. Louis River Area of Concern. Significant progress has been made at several contaminated sites in the harbour and estuary. Several specific locations in the waters of Lake Superior were contaminated by the industrial legacy of decades past. Considerable progress has been made when it comes to cleanup but significant …

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Fluorosurfactants and the Great Lakes

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are fluorosurfactants, chemical compounds that are based on a chain of fluorine that may be long or short. The image above represents the chemical structure of one long-chain member of the PFASs group, perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). (Image: Public Domain) Great Lakes PFASs Awareness Ramps Up Over the past couple of years, various municipalities in Great …

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Canada-Ontario Agreement on the Great Lakes (2020 Draft) - Seeking Public Input

Canada is addressing threats to Great Lakes water quality and ecosystem health and is working with partners and the public to protect this vital shared resource. Today, the governments of Canada and Ontario released a draft of a new Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality and Ecosystem Health to coordinate actions to protect water quality in our Great Lakes. …

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Opposition to Enbridge Line 5 Shows No Signs of Waning

Last time Infosuperior covered updates on Enbridge Energy's Line 5, then Governor Rick Snyder had made a deal with Enbridge to allow them continued use of the aging pipeline that runs through the Straights of Mackinac. Plans were approved to work towards a replacement for the pipeline by building an underground tunnel. Gretchen Whitmer, who was slated to take Snyder's …

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Flotsam and Jetsam...

• Public comments response summary available; dredging work set to begin at Buffalo Reef

• EPA pushed for tighter, more enforceable PolyMet water permit for copper-nickel mine

• GLRC Awards Funding to Five Projects

• LU, Algoma U, and University of Minn./Duluth Partner to Protect Superior

• USCE - PSA: Breakwater safety hazards of high Great Lakes water levels

• LOSLRB - Record Outflows to Continue Through the Summer - Date July 08, 2019

• Three Commissions Joint Statement - Invasive Mussels and the Invasive Mussel Collaborative

• UM Scientists Map Zebra Mussel Genome, Opening Possibility To Weaken The Invasive Species

• Swim Drink Fish - Zhiibaahaasing First Nation part of new science water monitoring hubs

• DuluthNewsTribune - Sinking island to be raised to help terns

• ChicagoTribune - Minuscule microbes wield enormous power over the Great Lakes. But many species remain a mystery.

• DuluthNewsTribune - One-of-a-kind structure extracted from Lake Superior

• TBNewsWatch - Parks Canada Archeologists to Document Superior Wrecks

Upcoming Great Lakes Events

• IJC Great Lakes Public Meetings June - September

• Aug 7: IJC Step In and Speak Out Goderich, ON

• Aug 10: St. Louis River Alliance Annual Canoe Trip and Picnic

• August 17: Great Lakes Surf Festival Muskegon, MI

• Aug 19 and Sep 11: Webinars Hosted by the Great Lakes Sea Grant Crude Oil Transport Network

• Aug 29: Interagency Ecological Restoration Quality Committee Webinar Series [Reg. Closed]

• Aug 30: NYSG - Erosion Management for Lake Ontario Shoreline Residents workshop 

• September 5: St. Louis River Alliance Annual Vista Star Tour

• Sept 11-12: Great Lakes Areas of Concern Annual Conference [Agenda now Available]

• Oct 23: Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) Annual Conference and Training

Opportunities and Application Deadlines

• GLRI Grant Opportunities

• Apply by Aug 8: Associate Scientist, Aquatic Invasive Species Illinois Natural History Survey

• Submit by Sep 4: Letter of Intent for NOAA Marine Debris Program Funding Opportunity

• Position Open Until Filled: University of Minnesota Sea Grant - Resilience Extension Educator

• Position Open Until Filled: US Water Alliance - VP Programs & Strategy

• Great Lakes Protection Fund - Project Development Manager

• Great Lakes Environmental Law Center - Staff Attorney

• Job Opportunities: Great Lakes Commission