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Buffalo Reef Stamp Sands: Movement and Composition Characterized in July 2019 Study

The study titled Lidar (light detection and ranging) and benthic invertebrate investigations: Migrating tailings threaten Buffalo Reef in Lake Superior, by W. Charles Kerfoot, Martin M. Hobmeier, Robert Regis, Varsha K. Raman, Colin N. Brooks, Robert Shuchman, Mike Sayers, Foad Yousef, and Molly Reif, was published by the Journal of Great Lakes Research and made […]

Comments Sought on Potential Long-term Solutions for Encroaching Stamp Sands at Buffalo Reef

Short Term Solutions Facilitate Long Term Planning Buffalo Reef is an area of productive Lake Superior fish habitat located on the east side of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Historical waste material called “stamp sands,” from copper mining, is encroaching on the critical fish habitat of Buffalo Reef. In October of last year a contract was awarded […]

Dredging Contract Awarded to Protect Buffalo Reef

  A big step to address an environmental disaster that is slowly advancing on Lake Superior will now move forward. The Detroit District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced a contract for dredging of stamp sand—fine sand produced when crushing rock to extract copper—in the Keweenaw Peninsula between the small unincorporated town of Gay, […]

Minor Snag on Buffalo Reef Dredging Project

Buffalo Reef, a natural structure that provides spawning and rearing habitat for a significant number of Lake Superior’s trout and white fish populations is in danger of being swallowed up by fine sand tailings from a century old copper mine. The Stamp Sands, as they are referred to, were originally deposited in the lake and […]

Saving Buffalo Reef

A new website is in place providing information about a Lake Superior reef where important fish spawning habitat is threatened by “stamp sands,” fine particulate matter migrating along the lake bottom with potential to cover the reef. The recently announced, “Saving Buffalo Reef” web page provides news and updates about efforts aimed at preserving this […]

Let’s Talk Lake Superior – Webinar

Join Environment and Climate Change Canada and the US Environmental Protection Agency for a free one-hour webinar on Lake Superior. Thursday, July 8 – 11:00 am EDT. Reserve your spot here on EventBrite This event, the first in a series, will share the latest on Lake Superior’s overall conditions, threats and actions needed including a […]

Progress at Lake Superior Contaminated Sites

Several specific locations in the waters of Lake Superior were contaminated by the industrial legacy of decades past. Considerable progress has been made when it comes to cleanup but significant challenges remain. In Canada, these locations include: • The harbour at the Town of Marathon, called Peninsula Harbour • Jackfish Bay, east of Terrace Bay, […]

March 9 Public Webinar – State of Lake Superior

A public webinar will be held on Friday, March 9th, at 9:00 am Central/10:00 am Eastern for all interested stakeholders. The webinar will focus on the state of Lake Superior, as summarized in the recently released State of the Great Lakes 2017 reports, and actions being taken to study, restore, and protect the Lake Superior […]